BASKETBALL by Bill Raynor

Like the country it originated in, Basketball is a melting pot of serendipity. The game combines beauty, grace, intelligence, stamina, creativity, agility and strength, which only begin to scratch the surface of the myriad of skills required. Basketball is balletic and brutish, strategic yet spontaneous; calculated but cacophonous! Its tempo and unique display serve to…

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“ALPS” by Dean Lockwood

A universal issue faced by coaches in many sports (For the purposes of this article I am speaking more to basketball coaches.) is substitution – specifically how, when and WHY players go in and out of games. Basketball coaches on every level invariably deal with component of substitution, and more to the point, not only…

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TWO STEP by Rob Lanier

Spring 1999 Every year at the Men’s Basketball Final Four there is the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Convention. For so many coaches this is the place to be! There are countless gatherings and opportunities to spend time with your peers/colleagues and enjoy all the festivities surrounding one of the biggest events in all…

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