You will always be special to me….

– My confidence is a product of the success I achieved because of you.
– My attitude and toughness is testament of the competition you’ve provided.
– You have taught me to never give up.
– I’m a world traveler because your reach is global
– I met: my best friend, my heart, what is always known as the best part of me – my wife Because of you.
– You have shown me how to: Love, care, survive, fight adversity, attack insecurities and how to win.
– You have strengthened my faith In God
– You have made my prayer life a priority
– Fighting through physical pain and fatigue were bench marks of success.
– Through all the lessons learned in this great Silo, you taught me how to love all religions, races, economic classes and genders.
– You start the game at 0-0 to make it fair and equal in a world where fair and equal sometimes seems mythical.

Your name is BASKETBALL and I love you for all the great things you’ve been to me 🙏🏾

Let’s Get on Down!!!

Quentin J. Hillsman


Quentin Hillsman has been the Head Womens Basketball Coach at Syracuse University since 2005. In that span he has led his program to 12 postseason appearances including 8 trips to the NCAA tournament. He currently stands as the All Time Winningest coach in program history. Prior to Syracuse Coach Hillsman had stints at the high school level (Newport School, Laurinburg Institute and Patterson School) and has served as an assistant coach at his alma mater St Mary’s College as well as American University, Siena College, The University of Alabama and Syracuse. Photo cred: Dennis Nett